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I'm a sun that doesn't burn hot.
I'm a moon that never shows it's face.

Okay, so I HAVE to make this post. That beautiful woman up there is Chloe Agnew, one of the Celtic Women. She has the voice of a fucking angel and a face to match. But, you know, one of the things that I’ve noticed is some people can keep their mouths shut about her weight. Okay, first of all, she has lost sooo much weight these past couple of months, it’s ridiculous. Second, she wasn’t that big to begin with. Her body was absolutely STUNNING if you ask me. And thirdly, so what? So. Fucking. What? People like that are pathetic. Calling her fat won’t make your voice any prettier. This woman is perfection. She is gentle and beautiful. And you know what? She’s better than you. She is above all these rude things people say about her. She has an amazing talent that her looks and weight has nothing to do with. She is an angel. So to anyone, anyone, who thinks making fun of her weight, or anyone’s weight for that matter, is funny, fuck you.

okay, I’m done.

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    Chloe has always been my favorite singer from Celtic Woman. Her voice is 600 kinds of perfect, her stage presence is...
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    I didn’t know she lost a lot of weight. I thought she just grew taller and her weight evened out. But anyway, I’m a fan...
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